Sunday, July 11, 2010

White Privilege part 2

Apparently no matter what color you are, black, red, orange, or yellow, you will always believe that “white privilege” exists. The only group of people who may never believe that term is true are white people; however, every white person has experienced “white privilege” at least once in their life. My blog entry below goes more into detail about this term and my thoughts. Can it really be true that all other races want to be white? I find it rather humorous because white people are always trying to look dark. You always see white people laying out at the beach and obsessively going to the tanning beds.
What if a young white man grows up in the projects, do u still think he will get the “normal” “white privilege” white people get if they are from a rich neighborhood? I’m not sure I think so. Perhaps if it’s a white man verse a black man on a crime, do you think the judge and/or jury would automatically racial profile their opinion? They might do that. I feel like color is overrated and I just wish everyone were completely color blind so no one felt the need to be judge mental.
When I go out on the weekends, one of my favorite things to do is meet new people. I don’t care what color anyone is, I’ll go up to anyone and introduce myself. I think everyone needs to look beyond the surface and use the cliché sentence of you cant judge a book by its cover. Many people thought that after we had a black president a lot of racism would change; however, in a way I think it’s gotten worse. I sincerely hope one day America will rise above color and treat everyone with the same privileges.

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