Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sexual Identity

Heterosexuality, homosexuality, bi sexual, what is the proper sexual identity?? Of course in today’s society, heterosexuality is the “norm.” However, homosexuality is beginning to become more normal. In some states, homosexuals are allowed to get married. I’m not homophobic at all, but I would prefer no PDA, although, I don’t like seeing PDA from heterosexuals either. All together, I prefer what couples do with each other to be concealed behind closed doors.
Is bi sexual really a sexual identity? Sure I see girls make out with each other when their drunk, but does that necessarily mean they are into each other? How can you not know your own sexual orientation? You either like girls or boys; I just don’t understand how you can’t know. Can’t it be unhealthy to go from a boy to a girl? I would think you’re more prone to have an STI or giving one to your partner. I’ve never known a bi sexual, the closest I’ve come to one would probably be drunk girls, or the TV show Tila Tequila was on where she chose from a group of boys and girls to find “love.” That was probably a publicity stunt, so I don’t know what to think of bi sexuals.
I also hate the mean words associated with homosexuals. A lot of people use the word “gay” to describe a shirt looking bad or funny, but that can be really hurtful to someone who has a gay sexual identity. I used to use the word gay, but after I realized its various terms I stopped. “Butch” and “dike” are words primarily associated with lesbians and neither of those words are nice. I hope one day people won’t be judge mental and everyone will be accepted for who they are.

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