Sunday, July 18, 2010


Do you think ruling by ideas is cheaper and easier than ruling by force? I do, and I think it is a much more effective way of gaining control. This idea is known as hegemony, when a dominant group gets and keeps power by persuading subordinate groups to rule by ideas. Power is a word that has a lot of meaning. If someone or a group holds too much power, things can get ugly. Take a look at Hitler, he had way too much power and it went to his head in a disastrous way. In America we have something called the separation of powers so that no one group of government can hold too much power or more power than the other.
I think that the hegemonic way of thinking is a good way. It has also been incorporated with feminism. Hegemonic feminism relates to the dominance of the western world assumptions about what it means to be a feminist and how women need to be liberated. I think this is important because women always need to be liberated and have motivation to express how important women are. Feminism has many different groups and it’s cool how many things can be incorporated into feminism.
All together I really like the hegemonic way of thinking. I’m sure ruling by ideas is much easier and cheaper than going to war or using force. War has become a second nature to most countries in today’s society and I hope one day everyone can be at peace. I don’t necessarily see that happening but I hope it will be able to.

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