Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Fat Rant

Being overweight is becoming a “norm.” Obesity is becoming an epidemic. I think if you are comfortable in your own skin that’s all that matters. I watched a YouTube video call “A Fat Rant,” it was a documentary about a woman who weighed about 227 pounds. She seemed so comfortable in her own skin. I don’t think you should ever be ashamed of your weight and I feel like if you had a real problem with it, you’d try to fix it. However, she is a 227 pound young woman and she couldn’t have seemed happier.
Obviously many factors occur to make people overweight such as eating too many sweets, or not getting rid of baby fat, but she made it clear that it’s just a number and nobody other than you should worry about what it is. If you have to shop at a clothing store that goes up to size 5x, who cares?? I’ve always thought that getting a size that fits is better than getting a size that looks skin tight, even if the one you have to get seems bigger than u expected.
The media has had a huge part on how women are supposed to look. The fact is, everyone is different with different bodies and different body types and nobody should look the same. How weird would that be, if everyone looked the same? I’m so glad this brave woman could post this and be comfortable in her own skin. I’m really impressed with how she publically broadcasted her feelings toward being overweight. She is a role model for many young overweight girls.

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