Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Poverty has always been an on going dilemma dealing in most countries. I’m not sure if there are any countries that have not undergone poverty. Especially now during the recession many people have been laid off and are unemployed. The amount of single mothers has increased leaving many more empty stomachs. Marriages really need to pull through during hard times, not separate and move on. I really feel like marriages will help decrease poverty because then spouses will be extra motivated to work and put food on the table. It’s hard during these times though because landing a job is ridiculously hard right now, especially if you need to provide for a family.
Food stamps and welfare are a form of money for people with no to little money so they will be able to eat. They have to have a certain low percentage of income to apply and receive welfare. I think our government did a great job with designing the welfare system so hopefully America won’t have a poverty problem. Unfortunately, poverty will remain an issue for an unknown amount of years. It is an unhealthy epidemic and hopefully other countries will be able to rid their poverty problem as well.
Luckily, there are donation funds to give money to countries with major poverty problems. An adoption system is also set up, so people not living with poverty problems can give good lives to the children. Many celebrities do both of these things. You always hear in the media how another celebrity is adopting a child from a different country. Look at Angelina and Brad, they have a child from just about every race, I’m glad they are color blind when it comes to race.

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