Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Body Image

Ever since I was young I have had a fast metabolism. I would play outside with my neighborhood friends playing things like tag, kickball, or hide and seek. All of these activities were very active which is why I think my metabolism is so tolerant. I had to change schools when I was thirteen and I became depressed about it and ate a lot. At first it was great because no matter how much I ate I didn’t gain weight, but when I began to, it was just in time for when I started high school. I was taller than most of the other girls at my school and I wouldn’t have called myself fat, but I was definitely thick, I had a full backside and curves.
When I walked around high school I was a head taller than all the girls and I was much curvier. However, I was never ashamed and it never gave me low self esteem. I’ve always had very high self esteem, so I was able to carry my head high. I didn’t care that I looked different than the other girls, I would much rather stand out than look like everyone else. I hated hearing that one of my so called “overweight” friends became bulimic because she didn’t think she was thin enough.
Today’s society women are portrayed as being thin and having big breasts; I hate that. I really feel like media should send out the message to be happy with their own body. I also want other women, especially young girls to realize that the “beautiful” women they see in the magazines have tons of airbrush done, and women on TV have caked on make up. I find it ridiculous and absurd that women have to measure up to what they see in the media.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Consciousness Raising Groups

There are many consciousness raising groups that I'm sure not everyone is aware of. These groups try to focus the attention of a wider group of people on some cause or condition to make them more aware. Women's Liberation has a pamphlet of consciousness raising groups. Many of them are familiar topics such as mothers, fathers, ambitions, rape, and abortion. There are others such as sexism in education, anger, violence, and fear of being alone. I would like to talk about a few of these topics to try and make others aware.
By the age of twelve, most females begin to find boys attractive. They grow up in households being taught to find a loyal life companion. They see their mother and father everyday and the way they behave. They are taught that having a husband and being married is what they are supposed to have. This pressure can put definite fear of being alone on a young woman's life. Pressure is also found if a young woman finds another young woman attractive, fear of sexual orientation. A young woman is taught to fall in love with the opposite sex, not the same one.
When it comes to women's bodies it gets very tricky, especially during teen years. High school girls read magazines with every woman being a size zero and when she goes to school it's the same way. This puts a lot of stress on not only young women, but any insecure woman, which could cause them to have an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia. Women, especially young women are also more common to obtain physically hurting their bodies using razors or any sharp object to permanently scar their bodies. I do not think women should be able to have a consistent eating disorder or continue to scar their bodies; however, I do believe that women should be entitled to have an abortion if they feel they have a good reason.

First Wave

I don’t understand why it took so long for the American society to realize that men and women should be equal and that women should have the right to vote. Suffrage relates to the right to vote and winning the global right to vote. There were many issues with granting women the right to vote. Women who lived during women’s suffrage didn’t necessarily want women to be able to vote. Segregation was also still a big deal during women’s suffrage and not all white women groups wanted African American women to be in their groups.
Some women didn’t even know if they wanted the right to vote. If their husband was a rich politician she felt obligated to vote the way he did. This issue made some women think there would be serious domestic problems. A lot of women wanted to remain only being responsible to maintain the household and reproduce. Not many women back then knew how much they were capable of. Thanks to women such as Alice Paul, more women were able to see what they could do. During World War I and II women were very helpful with nursing, seaming, and doing factory work including being in assembly lines. These acts of helpfulness showed America that women were more than what most thought. How was anyone supposed to know what women were capable of if they never had a chance? In a way the wars were good.
Segregation was unfortunately still a huge issue during women’s suffrage. Not a lot of white women groups wanted African Americans in their groups. I don’t think this was fair for African American women because women’s suffrage occurred after African American’s were equal. Obviously this made African American women feel like everyone was in higher authority, I genuinely felt badly for them. Finally, white women began to realize that if they included African American women in their groups they would be demonstrating equality. On August 26, 1920 women were granted a ballot.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Contracetion and Abortion

Women have always had trouble obtaining equal rights, but the thing women should always have the right to is their own body. Before the 80’s, women had no legal right to contraceptives or abortions. No wonder women were only seen to reproduce. While World War I, World War II, and the Vietnam War were going on men were drafted overseas for long periods of time. Before the soldiers left and while they visited home they had sex as much as they could, to their wives or to any woman who would have them. With this much sex going on without any sort of contraceptive, of course women reproduced more often causing the baby boomers.
Before the draft, the government hired enough prostitutes to have sex with all the soldiers who were drafted. That’s not only a lot of money, but that could be a set up to increase the amount of broken homes. What if one of the prostitutes got pregnant by a soldier she didn’t even know? She would automatically have to keep a strangers baby. What if a woman got raped? She too would also have to keep the baby, raise it, and be reminded of the traumatic experience of how it was produced. I don’t think it was fair of the government to not allow women the right to use contraceptives or have abortions. I’m glad that in today’s society, the government gives women equal rights and rights to be pro life or pro choice. I believe an abortion is truly based on the women’s opinion.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Feminist Theories

I never knew how many different types of feminism there are!! Radical Feminism stuck out to me the most. The description that women and men are biologically different and these differences are used to oppress women is completely true. That exists because the patriarchal society devalues women’s experiences therefore oppressing them. A geocentric society in which oppressive societal structures are eliminated should exist. To solve this problem, Radical Feminists believe they should overthrow the patriarchy. Patriarchy, heterosexism, racism, and classism are oppressive to women; all of those things must change before society will.
It is sad that we still have these issues among our society. Multi Culture Feminism disgusted me a lot because that faces the issue of not only men oppressing women, but it also addresses racism. Both of those topics should be non issues. We have Amendments in the Constitution stating that women and multi cultured people should have equal rights. It is dejecting to know that our society still faces these troubled issues.
Liberal Feminism points out how women are unequal in the public sphere, which is also unfortunately true. That exists because women’s subordination is rooted in legal constraints. The goal of Liberal Feminism is gender justice and sexual equality by removing legal constraints. Liberal Feminists can solve this problem by compensation for past hurts, the use of law, and androgyny.
I am really grateful for all of the feminist groups. They are helping mold our society into becoming more equal and diverse. Feminists aren’t bad people who are trying to over throw men; they are just trying to make women equal to them.

Profane Parallels of Sexes

How is it justified that when a woman sleeps around she is called a slut, while when a man sleeps around he is praised as a player? This is a parallel that I have never understood. I made a list of different profane parallels that opposite sexes call each other. Bitch, slut, and whore are typical names that women are called. Asshole, dick, and douche are typical names that men are referred to as. Obviously bitch and asshole are paralleled, maybe because a bitch is technically a female dog while men are called assholes because they act like butt holes. The parallel that sticks out to me are words such as whore, slut, and hoe which women are all called. What male stereotype goes along with those?
Why is it cool and acceptable for men to be man whores while no man will look to date much less marry a slut? This has always been an issue to me and I’ve heard various answers. Some say because the male sex drive is much higher and they need it more. Well guess what, some women love having sex too. Another reason I’ve heard is because women are going to be mothers. That’s an obvious statement, but men are going to be fathers. The other one I’ve heard is that men can not get loose. Once again, what an obvious statement, but it’s not that easy for a women to get loose unless she has a baby.
I’m tired of hearing how cool men are for sleeping around while no classy guy will take a slut on a date. I want this unfair non parallel to end.


I have signed up to be in a Women’s Studies class for the summer. I have always been interested in successful women overtime. From this class I hope to have a better understanding of how women have progressed overtime and the struggles they faced to get where we are today. The first topic we discussed was about feminism. Many people have mixed feelings and opinions on feminism.
Feminism is a word that can mean many things. To me, feminism is a woman who believes in Women’s Rights. You believe in women's rights, that sounds like a noble belief. If you believe in something you shouldn't just let it go, you have to fight for it. In today’s society there are many groups relating to the issues of Women’s Rights and most of them consist of feminists.
There are several misconceptions when it comes to feminism. Many people go wrong when they think that feminists are only women because many men are feminists too. Wanting women to have rights doesn’t mean they don’t want men to have rights, but they just want everyone to be equal. Feminists don’t want women to push men out, they just want men and women to be eligible for the same things such as jobs, voting, and home owning.
Most people say that the Women’s Rights Movement began in the 1960s; however, that is just the year women became bold enough to stand up for themselves. Women were always seen just to reproduce and take care of the household duties. During WWII women contributed a lot to anything that needed to be done. I am so happy that everyone began to see that women were more than something that could reproduce or just clean and cook.
For the most part, I think that equality between sexes has been achieved. Look at Condoleezza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Palin; they are all successful, well respected women figures. They achieved a lot of dominance in the system and not because they are strict feminists, but because they went for what they wanted. These women alone really reflect the impact women’s suffrage has had.