Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Body Image

Ever since I was young I have had a fast metabolism. I would play outside with my neighborhood friends playing things like tag, kickball, or hide and seek. All of these activities were very active which is why I think my metabolism is so tolerant. I had to change schools when I was thirteen and I became depressed about it and ate a lot. At first it was great because no matter how much I ate I didn’t gain weight, but when I began to, it was just in time for when I started high school. I was taller than most of the other girls at my school and I wouldn’t have called myself fat, but I was definitely thick, I had a full backside and curves.
When I walked around high school I was a head taller than all the girls and I was much curvier. However, I was never ashamed and it never gave me low self esteem. I’ve always had very high self esteem, so I was able to carry my head high. I didn’t care that I looked different than the other girls, I would much rather stand out than look like everyone else. I hated hearing that one of my so called “overweight” friends became bulimic because she didn’t think she was thin enough.
Today’s society women are portrayed as being thin and having big breasts; I hate that. I really feel like media should send out the message to be happy with their own body. I also want other women, especially young girls to realize that the “beautiful” women they see in the magazines have tons of airbrush done, and women on TV have caked on make up. I find it ridiculous and absurd that women have to measure up to what they see in the media.

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  1. I also agree. When I was a sophomore in high school I moved to North Carolina and like you, became depressed. I was always the one who played sports and had many friends but was always much curvier also. After a year in North Carolina I moved back to Virginia, but I was never the same. I began playing sports again but wasn't as good as I used to be because the school I went to in North Carolina didn't offer field hockey, which was my sport of choice.
    I know so many girls who have had breast implants because they feel it makes them look better because that's was the media tells them. So I agree that it's ridiculous how many people try to live up to the expectations of the media.