Sunday, June 27, 2010

First Wave

I don’t understand why it took so long for the American society to realize that men and women should be equal and that women should have the right to vote. Suffrage relates to the right to vote and winning the global right to vote. There were many issues with granting women the right to vote. Women who lived during women’s suffrage didn’t necessarily want women to be able to vote. Segregation was also still a big deal during women’s suffrage and not all white women groups wanted African American women to be in their groups.
Some women didn’t even know if they wanted the right to vote. If their husband was a rich politician she felt obligated to vote the way he did. This issue made some women think there would be serious domestic problems. A lot of women wanted to remain only being responsible to maintain the household and reproduce. Not many women back then knew how much they were capable of. Thanks to women such as Alice Paul, more women were able to see what they could do. During World War I and II women were very helpful with nursing, seaming, and doing factory work including being in assembly lines. These acts of helpfulness showed America that women were more than what most thought. How was anyone supposed to know what women were capable of if they never had a chance? In a way the wars were good.
Segregation was unfortunately still a huge issue during women’s suffrage. Not a lot of white women groups wanted African Americans in their groups. I don’t think this was fair for African American women because women’s suffrage occurred after African American’s were equal. Obviously this made African American women feel like everyone was in higher authority, I genuinely felt badly for them. Finally, white women began to realize that if they included African American women in their groups they would be demonstrating equality. On August 26, 1920 women were granted a ballot.

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