Sunday, June 27, 2010

Consciousness Raising Groups

There are many consciousness raising groups that I'm sure not everyone is aware of. These groups try to focus the attention of a wider group of people on some cause or condition to make them more aware. Women's Liberation has a pamphlet of consciousness raising groups. Many of them are familiar topics such as mothers, fathers, ambitions, rape, and abortion. There are others such as sexism in education, anger, violence, and fear of being alone. I would like to talk about a few of these topics to try and make others aware.
By the age of twelve, most females begin to find boys attractive. They grow up in households being taught to find a loyal life companion. They see their mother and father everyday and the way they behave. They are taught that having a husband and being married is what they are supposed to have. This pressure can put definite fear of being alone on a young woman's life. Pressure is also found if a young woman finds another young woman attractive, fear of sexual orientation. A young woman is taught to fall in love with the opposite sex, not the same one.
When it comes to women's bodies it gets very tricky, especially during teen years. High school girls read magazines with every woman being a size zero and when she goes to school it's the same way. This puts a lot of stress on not only young women, but any insecure woman, which could cause them to have an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia. Women, especially young women are also more common to obtain physically hurting their bodies using razors or any sharp object to permanently scar their bodies. I do not think women should be able to have a consistent eating disorder or continue to scar their bodies; however, I do believe that women should be entitled to have an abortion if they feel they have a good reason.

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