Sunday, June 20, 2010

Profane Parallels of Sexes

How is it justified that when a woman sleeps around she is called a slut, while when a man sleeps around he is praised as a player? This is a parallel that I have never understood. I made a list of different profane parallels that opposite sexes call each other. Bitch, slut, and whore are typical names that women are called. Asshole, dick, and douche are typical names that men are referred to as. Obviously bitch and asshole are paralleled, maybe because a bitch is technically a female dog while men are called assholes because they act like butt holes. The parallel that sticks out to me are words such as whore, slut, and hoe which women are all called. What male stereotype goes along with those?
Why is it cool and acceptable for men to be man whores while no man will look to date much less marry a slut? This has always been an issue to me and I’ve heard various answers. Some say because the male sex drive is much higher and they need it more. Well guess what, some women love having sex too. Another reason I’ve heard is because women are going to be mothers. That’s an obvious statement, but men are going to be fathers. The other one I’ve heard is that men can not get loose. Once again, what an obvious statement, but it’s not that easy for a women to get loose unless she has a baby.
I’m tired of hearing how cool men are for sleeping around while no classy guy will take a slut on a date. I want this unfair non parallel to end.

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