Sunday, June 20, 2010

Feminist Theories

I never knew how many different types of feminism there are!! Radical Feminism stuck out to me the most. The description that women and men are biologically different and these differences are used to oppress women is completely true. That exists because the patriarchal society devalues women’s experiences therefore oppressing them. A geocentric society in which oppressive societal structures are eliminated should exist. To solve this problem, Radical Feminists believe they should overthrow the patriarchy. Patriarchy, heterosexism, racism, and classism are oppressive to women; all of those things must change before society will.
It is sad that we still have these issues among our society. Multi Culture Feminism disgusted me a lot because that faces the issue of not only men oppressing women, but it also addresses racism. Both of those topics should be non issues. We have Amendments in the Constitution stating that women and multi cultured people should have equal rights. It is dejecting to know that our society still faces these troubled issues.
Liberal Feminism points out how women are unequal in the public sphere, which is also unfortunately true. That exists because women’s subordination is rooted in legal constraints. The goal of Liberal Feminism is gender justice and sexual equality by removing legal constraints. Liberal Feminists can solve this problem by compensation for past hurts, the use of law, and androgyny.
I am really grateful for all of the feminist groups. They are helping mold our society into becoming more equal and diverse. Feminists aren’t bad people who are trying to over throw men; they are just trying to make women equal to them.

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