Sunday, June 20, 2010


I have signed up to be in a Women’s Studies class for the summer. I have always been interested in successful women overtime. From this class I hope to have a better understanding of how women have progressed overtime and the struggles they faced to get where we are today. The first topic we discussed was about feminism. Many people have mixed feelings and opinions on feminism.
Feminism is a word that can mean many things. To me, feminism is a woman who believes in Women’s Rights. You believe in women's rights, that sounds like a noble belief. If you believe in something you shouldn't just let it go, you have to fight for it. In today’s society there are many groups relating to the issues of Women’s Rights and most of them consist of feminists.
There are several misconceptions when it comes to feminism. Many people go wrong when they think that feminists are only women because many men are feminists too. Wanting women to have rights doesn’t mean they don’t want men to have rights, but they just want everyone to be equal. Feminists don’t want women to push men out, they just want men and women to be eligible for the same things such as jobs, voting, and home owning.
Most people say that the Women’s Rights Movement began in the 1960s; however, that is just the year women became bold enough to stand up for themselves. Women were always seen just to reproduce and take care of the household duties. During WWII women contributed a lot to anything that needed to be done. I am so happy that everyone began to see that women were more than something that could reproduce or just clean and cook.
For the most part, I think that equality between sexes has been achieved. Look at Condoleezza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, and Sarah Palin; they are all successful, well respected women figures. They achieved a lot of dominance in the system and not because they are strict feminists, but because they went for what they wanted. These women alone really reflect the impact women’s suffrage has had.

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